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Prints / Books / Services

1. Photographic Prints:

I can supply prints for galleries, exhibition, corporate installation, interior design and/or individual use. Simply use this site to find the image(s) that suits you. The whole process is automated! If you have questions or need something custom, get in touch. In some cases, I can fine tune color, cropping, division into sections (diptychs, triptychs, etc.) and other aspects of how the final print is rendered to better fit in its environment.

2. Usage Rights:

If you wish to use an image digitally or in print, please get in touch with your requirements. 

3. Photographic Assignments:

Some fine art photographers will not travel or work on assignment. But, if a reasonable budget and workable turnaround time are on the table, and I feel I can meet the challenge artfully, I welcome the opportunity to shoot to suit.

4. Instruction, workshops, mentoring:

I also love to travel and to teach and would be willing to conduct individual or group learning on the subject of photography and artistic expression, lead or support workshops to increase photographic and/or digital darkroom skills, and more. Just let me know what you or your group needs and we can take it from there.

5. FREE eBook!:

Imagine: Photography as Expression by Steven Maxx
This site hosts my free eBook:

"Imag-ine: Photography as Artistic Expression"

which reveals and elucidates various methods, approaches and insights that go into making photographs that transcend photography as a technical craft and elevate it to photography as wholehearted artistic expression. 


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If you need an image, get in touch and I'll gladly work with you.