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Artist Statement

For me, photography is the art of noticing. It's a game of catching the world being beautiful or magical or funny or strange or quirky or powerful or even unsettling in an evocative way, and then calling on my inner world to respond with inspiration to what I have discovered in the so-called outer world.

In some forms of art, we start with a blank surface or an amorphous mass of materials and create our vision from scratch. But, I am an artist with a camera. I prefer the hunt and the chase -- the search for a compelling image -- iconic or hidden -- and the challenge of how to both capture and develop it to ensure that it delivers the excitement I felt when I first encountered it.

Some of my images appear in my mind's eye and call me for weeks or months or years to find them. Some I have found and some continue to elude me. Some are simply waiting for me at the other end of my intentions. Still others reveal themselves in a contemplative moment, like a precocious child, playing hide and seek and delighting in being discovered.

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Steven Maxx

Steve Puntolillo a.k.a. Steven Maxx is an artist who devotes himself to the pursuit of capturing and rendering photographic images such as those found on this website. He has had multiple careers including performance and studio musician, composer and arranger, audio recording producer, engineer, technician and consultant, sound designer, computer graphics systems integrator and trainer, public relations consultant, marketing director, entrepreneur and photography professional.

Since he thrives at the crossroads of art and technology, Steve and photography are a perfect match for each other. He is enthusiastically interested in all things photographic. He enjoys photographing, Photoshopping, consulting, teaching, mentoring, collaborating, speaking and traveling and is receptive to participating in activities that allow him to share those interests.



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